Screenplay Submissions 2019

We are currently open to submissions for genre specific features up to 100k.


Different Planet Films is a production vehicle primarily for first time feature directors. With its own development, production , funding and distribution arms.


With our innovative approach and highly successful body of creative talent, we offer first class filmmaking expertise in all areas of production.


We combine up-to-date facilities and technology with rigorous analytical skills to give filmmakers the best possible chance in one of the toughest industries in the world.


Please e-mail your query letters, along with a brief synopsis (500 words max). If there is interest, you will be contacted to submit a release form and your screenplay.


We are currently accepting feature screenplays for micro and low budget projects that will be developed solely by Different Planet Films. We do not finance the projects of other companies, nor do we accept animation, biography, or period pieces.


Features gallery


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Don't Be Afraid of Your Freedom (2015)

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Boys in The Band (2016)

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Situation Comedy (2017)

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City Boy (2018)